Become a pin-up model for a day!  The Pin-Up Experience is an exclusive photo shoot, by appointment only.  It is definitely more than a photo shoot, however.  The Pin-Up Experience lavishes the customer with pin-up luxury in an affordably priced package deal, including a permanent 20% discount on all items in the store and/or special orders! 

Those who participate in The Pin-Up Experience consistently feel unbelievably gorgeous, thanks to the owner (Jaqueline Henly) and team of Everything That Blings. PIN-UP Experience (Is for Everyone!)

Become a pinup model for a day! Make-up, hair by ETB Top Rate Styling team! Full wardrobe provided by EVERYTHING That BLINGS and professional photos by Jacqueline or Nathan G. Photography. Spaces are limited and booked fast, so call today to get one of the limited spots available! 


*** The ETB Studio has several new vintage sets and props to chose from as well as Vintage and classic Motorcycle/Hotrod/Cars.***

Special arrangements for groups, couples and families are available as well!  to make every customer radiate their unique beauty to the fullest!

You would have to travel to London, England to find anything like what is available right now in Kilgore, Texas.  (Not including travel expenses, our package deal is also less than half of what you would spend over there!)  So, unless you are already going to England to spend a fortune, book your appointment with us today and we will see you soon!

Updated Youtube Video

You can see our first promo video on youtube!

 ETB Pin Up Experience - YouTube